Call for Volunteers – Essay Editors

Call for Volunteers – Essay Editors

CWILA is seeking volunteers for our team of essay editors. Specifically, we’re looking for an acquisitions editor and stylistic editors to build the editorial content published on

The role of the acquisitions editor is to:

  1. Solicit essays for by:
    1. Contacting female or trans* Canadian writers who have previously written on a topic of interest to CWILA and asking them to submit or pitch an essay
    2. Identifying previously published essays that can be re-published at and obtaining permission to do so
    3. Posting calls for essays in appropriate places
    4. Possible essay topics include:  The state of book criticism in Canada; The role of the critic; Alternative critical discourses in Can Lit; The gendered language of book reviews, essays or blurbs; Any political issues that are connected to literary culture and gender, race, sexuality and/or class; Critical essays about writing by women or trans* persons; The economies of critical culture; Social justice issues connected to our cause; CWILA’s impact; The problems inherent with prizes, juries, etc.
    5. Consider any pitches or essays submitted to CWILA and send acceptance or rejections letters, as appropriate

The role of the stylistic editor is to:

  1. Work with the writer to substantively and stylistically edit the piece
  2. Coordinate with the other editors and volunteers to have the piece copy-edited and proofread, and make sure that any changes are cleared with the writer
  3. Obtain a brief bio from the writer of the piece
  4. Identify an images that should accompany the piece
  5. Approve the final version of the piece and send it, and any images, to the managing editor to be posted
  6. Inform the writer that their piece has been published and encourage them to promote it through social media
  7. Feel free to suggest writers to solicit and pieces to re-publish

These are part-time volunteer positions that can be expected to take 15-20 hours / month. The essay editing team should work collaboratively to curate the essays section of the website. The work can be done at anytime of day and from anywhere with internet access.

Interested applicants should submit a brief statement of intent and a list of relevant experience (in the body of the e-mail) by Friday March 7th, 2014 to We particularly welcome and encourage submissions from people with disabilities, trans* people, Indigenous people, as well as other women, and/or trans* people of colour.

We look forward to hearing from you!










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