Critic-in-Residence 2013: Sue Sinclair


On Pitching

An Interview with Sue Sinclair, CWILA Critic-in-Residence

A Philosophy of Criticism 


The New Measures by A. F. Moritz for Arc Poetry Magazine 70 (Winter 2013)

“Reaching After Something: Three Debuts,” a review of Tilt by E. Bladgrave, Riot Lung by Leah Horlick and Notebook M by Gillian Savigny, for Arc Poetry Magazine 71 (Summer 2013)

Message Sticks by Josephine Bacon for The Fiddlehead 257 (Autumn 2013)

Petitot by Susan Haley for The Fiddlehead (forthcoming)

Roost by Ali Bryan for the National Post

1996 by Sarah Peters, Cutting Room by Sarah Pinder, and Between Dusk and Night by Emily McGiffin for Studies in Canadian Literature 217 (Summer 2013)

Hellgoing by Lynn Coady for the Winnipeg Review

On Beauty for Lemonhound

Sue Sinclair did a series of interviews with poets about how they relate to beauty for Lemonhound. Below are the interviews she posted in 2013.

Steven Price On Beauty

Sachiko Murakami On Beauty 

James Langer On Beauty

A.F. Moritz On Beauty

Amanda Jernigan On Beauty

Oana Avasilichioaei On Beauty

Shane Rhodes On Beauty 

Other writing

“How Poems Work” feature on Donna Kane’s poem “Summer Solstice” for Arc Poetry Magazine

 An afterword for Filling Station’s issue dedicated to experimental writing by women (issue 57)

Talks and panels

A talk on “Poetry and Privacy” at the Public Poetics conference at Concordia University

Participated on a panel on criticism at the Blue Met literary festival (Montreal)

Hosted the poetry reading at Blue Met literary festival

Participated in a panel discussion of CWILA and criticism at the Railroad Reading Series (Ottawa, November 2013)

In partnership with the Atwater Reading Series

Working in conjunction with the Atwater Poetry Project, Sue Sinclair facilitated monthly discussions of a single poem by each of the night’s readers.

The Atwater Poetry Project: Sue Sinclair, January 24, 2013





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