CWILA’s Critic-in-residence 2016 : Call For Applicants

The Residency

CWILA supports a female/transgender/genderqueer writer (poet, novelist, storyteller, scholar) based in Canada as its resident critic for September 1st  2016 -April 30th 2017. The aim of the residency is to foster criticism that promotes public awareness of women’s literary and critical presence in Canadian and Québécois letters. Specifically, the Critic in Residence works on critical essays and/or book reviews and submits them to one or more Canadian review venues (print and web). This work is also archived by CWILA and becomes available through its website following publication elsewhere, copyright permitting. The Critic in Residence is encouraged to support a climate of critical responsiveness in Canadian letters through a collaborative or community-based project of her choice. In addition, the Critic in Residence will comment on the results of the annual Count in a public forum. The residency is virtual, so the writer is free to work from home. The Critic in Residence will finish the term by submitting a dossier summarizing the work done while in residence. The deadline for submission of the essay or reviews to CWILA is April 30th of the year of the residency. At this time, the writer also provides documentation that the pieces have been submitted to other publications.

Application Criteria:

Applications should include a short letter of intent (max. 2 pages) describing the project or projects the applicant wishes to undertake, and the venue or venues to which they plan to submit, a two-page CV, and a short sample of critical work (25 pages max.). Applicants should submit to:


We particularly encourage applications from LGBTQ writers, Indigenous writers, dis/ and differently-abled writers, as well as other women and/or transgender writers of colour.

Stipend:  $3,000

Applications: The deadline for applications is August 1, 2016.

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