Editors on Reviewing: Brick: A Literary Journal

Publisher and Managing Editor: Nadia Szilvassy

Reviews Editor(s): Decisions made collectively by the editors Michael Ondaatje, Michael Redhill, Linda Spalding, Michael Helm, Esta Spalding, and Rebecca Silver Slayter

Pay: $150 (for each review of approximately 750 words)

Approach to reviewing, as per Laurie D. Graham, Assistant Editor & Circulation Manager:

Brick’s publisher and managing editor as well as all of the editors solicit and vote on which pieces to include in each issue. Although Brick’s material is almost entirely solicited, meaning that the editors seek out the writers and contributions that end up in the magazine, they do accept unsolicited non-fiction submissions, and this would include reviews. Brick’s review section is also a little bit different, in that it aims not to be timely, but instead asks that writers write about books or authors they love or think more people should know about. Brick doesn’t accept queries, only hard copies of completed manuscripts for consideration.

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