Editors on Reviewing: EVENT

Editor: Elizabeth Bachinsky

Reviews Editor: Susan Wasserman

Pay per review: $25 a page

Approach to reviewing:

Our reviews editor Susan Wasserman and I work together to come up with a list of books we are interested in having reviewed at the magazine and a list of reviewers we think might be interested in reviewing those books. We select a number of titles for each reviewer to choose from (around five or so) and then the reviewer decides what interests them most. Most of our reviews are omnibus, two or three books at a time. Sue performs the magic of connecting the right reviewers with the right books. We run between 25-30 reviews a year.

Reviews are the only writing we publish that may be written by faculty, staff, or students at Douglas College. Our policy is to never run creative work, or reviews of creative works, by anyone affiliated with the college, but I have written reviews for EVENT and so has Christine Dewar, our fiction editor, and many of our instructors at the college have contributed reviews. Nowadays, though, we mostly contract reviewers from outside the college community to write for us.

Part of our mandate at EVENT magazine is to strive to reflect the diversity of the reading and writing community we serve. So, yes, we do consider the gender or race of an author and/or reviewer. If Sue and I find that our list of authors or reviewers is not reflecting the diversity of our community, we seek to correct this.

Yes, people can pitch to us. EVENT reviews books of non-fiction, fiction and poetry and we pay about $25 a page. Reviewers are invited to contact Susan Wasserman, Reviews Editor, at event@douglascollege.ca.  Please include a sample review in your query (a link to an online review is fine). As a rule, we prefer to work with experienced reviewers, but Sue is a particularly dedicated mentor and is willing to work with a handful of newer reviewers when she has time. Newer writers should not hesitate to pitch to us.

Anyone interested in reviewing poetry for EVENT can contact Elizabeth Bachinsky with a sample review at elizabeth.bachinsky@gmail.com.


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