Editors on Reviewing: GEIST

Editor: Stephen Osborne

Pay per review: None

Approach to reviewing, as per Mary Schendlinger, Co-Founder and Senior Editor 

Geist Endnotes are meant to tell readers, contributors, funders, and others interested in Geist what we are reading, seeing, attending, and thinking; therefore, Endnotes are written by staff, interns, volunteers, and regular contributors to the magazine and website. These people are regularly invited but not required to write and submit Endnotes on any subject they choose; we expect participation to be inconsistent and miscellaneous, and it is.

We edit and fact-check Endnote submissions; sometimes we ask for rewrites; sometimes we decline to publish an Endnote. We call them Endnotes rather than reviews because they do not adhere to all standards of conventional journalism. For instance, we do not assign Endnotes, we do not pay writers for them, we do not edit or publish them to guide consumers, we do not prohibit spoilers, and we do not mind if a book is out of print or unavailable in Canada or in English.

We have never measured or set out to achieve a balance of gender, class, heritage, or region, but we have never decided not to, either. We invite submissions and shape a section based on whatever comes in. In spite of this loosey-goosey process, which we would never ever allow in any other department of the magazine, the Geist Endnotes section has acquired respectability and credibility in literary circles.

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