Editors on Reviewing: Literary Review of Canada (LRC)

Editor: Bronwyn Drainie

Managing Editor and Associate Publisher: Alastair Cheng

Pay: Modest honorarium and subscription

Approach to reviewing as per Alastair Cheng, Managing Editor and Associate Publisher:

Due to our long lead times, editors pick the majority of books we assign for review. We’re certainly open to pitches to review titles, though, and consider any that come in.

Potential reviewers for a given title are identified by the editorial staff, usually based on some special expertise or insight into the subject/genre/etc. We also select well-qualified people to write for us based on unsolicited pitches (i.e., the person expresses a general interest in reviewing, or asks about reviewing a particular book).

The LRC is a labour of love, and pays accordingly: reviewers receive a modest honorarium and a subscription to the magazine, rather than any fixed per-word rate. The average review is around 1900 words, although the vast majority of fiction reviews are about 1200 words.

Gender balance is definitely one of the factors that we take into consideration when making assignments, since we’re very conscious of disparities both in our own publication and the broader media conversation. Our top editors are all women, so these issues are certainly close to home.

I know that one thing we’ve found difficult in addressing this point is that women tend to turn down our invitations to review for the LRC more often than men. There are doubtless various factors at play here, but I’d be curious to know whether it’s a common experience.

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