Editors on Reviewing: Maisonneuve

Editor-in-Chief: Drew Nelles

Associate Editor: Haley Cullingham

Pay: 10¢/word

Approach to reviewing, as per Drew Nelles, Editor-in-Chief:

Up until very recently (our forthcoming Summer 2013 issue) we didn’t publish long book reviews; just short reviews—five per issue, in our Book Room section—written only by Maisonneuve editors and interns, none of whom are paid directly for writing those reviews. Our new Reviews section, inaugurated as of Summer 2013, will feature longer reviews of contemporary books and other art works, like albums, films and visual art. Summer 2013 features one 2000-word book review and one 1000-word film review, in addition to our usual Book Room and Music Room sections. Contributors to the Reviews section will be paid our standard rate of 10¢  per word.

Maisonneuve takes several factors into account when assigning book reviews, including author gender, genre, and the size of the publisher. The idea is to have, in each Book Room, a good mix of men and women; fiction and non-fiction and poetry and graphic novels; and larger and smaller presses. In the Book Room, each book is assigned to a staffer or intern by the associate editor, who handles the section. Review writers are given a lot of freedom to be positive or negative, though obviously we try to avoid both mindless raves and ad hominem attacks.

In our new Reviews section, we accept queries and submissions from writers, who can get in touch via our Submittable account: https://maisonneuvemagazine.submittable.com/submit.

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