Editors on Reviewing: Matrix Magazine

Managing Editor: Jessica Rose Marcotte

Reviews Editor: Geneviève Robichaud

Contact: managinged [at] matrixmagazine [dot] org

Pay: Modest honorarium or a subscription and a contributor copy.

Approach to reviewing, as per Geneviève Robichaud, Reviews Editor:

I rarely assign books, but I do make suggestions to reviewers, especially if I believe the reviewer in question to be particularly well suited to write about a certain title. As I’m an MA student at Concordia University, many of the reviewers are colleagues in the English department. The average review is 500 words.

Where content is concerned, I encourage reviewers to go beyond the fast take, to ask difficult questions, and to offer nuanced thought about the work. I think for most readers of reviews, a synopsis is less important than a moment or an aspect of a work contextualized by some greater apparatus. Although I do not subscribe to a specific brand of review, I recognize that writing reviews is a skill, and I am always grateful for reviewers who are committed to thinking through a work’s difficulties.

Although reviewers are generally solicited, queries are welcome and can be sent to Matrix Magazine.

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