Editors on Reviewing: PRISM International

Executive Editor: Jen Neale

Poetry Editor: Leah Horlick

Pay: None

Approach to reviewing, as per Leah Horlick, Poetry Editor:

PRISM International publishes reviews from an editorial board of students in the MFA program in Creative Writing at UBC. Editorial board members have access to review copies sent to PRISM and can write reviews of other new work based on interest. Reviews are written on a volunteer basis and no payment is provided; reviews are published on PRISM’s website.

I’m afraid I’m a bit too early into my term as Poetry Editor to say anything about how submissions are distributed by gender, though it’s something I will begin to count this summer. I can say, though, that while very excited about the recent attention VIDA has brought to gender and publishing, I’m concerned about the possible reification of binary sex-and-gender classifications. As an example: How do we make room in our count for persons who identify as intersex, transgender, or genderqueer, or for whom their sex or gender might not be immediately apparent from their name or writer’s bio?

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