Editors on Reviewing: This Magazine

Reviews Editor: Natalie Walschots

Pay: $25 per 250- to 300-word review.

Approach to reviewing, as per Natalie Walschots, Reviews Editor:

First of all, I am extremely pleased that This Magazine’s numbers are so good, and have to give all the credit to my predecessor, Chantal Braganza. Looking at the spreadsheet CWILA assembled for This Magazine, I see that all of the reviews in question were chosen and printed before I signed on (I have only been the Reviews Editor since this spring). However, I know my own numbers since I have come on board, and have shared them with you as well, and am confident that we will continue to prioritize equal and fair coverage of books written by men and women in the pages of This.

In terms of my own protocols and strategies: of the four books reviewed in This every two months, one of them is usually a pitch and the other three are specifically chosen and assigned by me. If I have been approached by a new writer, I will give them every opportunity to review a book I have in mind; otherwise, I assign texts to writers I have either worked with in the past or whose writing and opinions I admire/have read in other publications. I make a deliberate effort to review an equal number of books written by men and women, and have an excellent group of review writers who are predominantly women at the moment.

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