Linkage: Alice Munro, gendered covers and cancelled subscriptions

Criticism & Reviews

Christian Lorentzen dismisses Alice Munro in the London Review of Books, and Kyle Minor rises to her defence, criticising the critic and his method of approach.

Books & Writing

Port Magazine recently published a cover featuring six white, male editors, heralding them as representative of a new golden age of print media. Jessica Grose examines this in terms of the biased reaction against “women’s magazines.”

Maureen Johnson calls for an end to gendered covers, spawning the hashtag #coverflip, generating hundreds of alternative covers. Check out the slide show, the change in tone is astonishing.

Alison Croggon questions the reasoning behind gendered covers in young adult novels, and the underlying assumption that young girls and boys want different things from fiction.

It’s official as of today: Penguin Random House. (Though my favourite proposed name remains House of the Random Penguin. So it goes.)

Magazines & Journals

The London Review of Books  publishes very few reviews of women authors, and few women reviewers. Kathryn Heyman decided to hit back by cancelling her subscription and letting them know why. Take note, editors.

Interviews & Profiles

Alex Porco talks to CWILA member Alice Burdick.

Trevor Corkum interviews CWILA member Andrea Routley about Plenitude and queer literature in Canada.

100% Men looks at positions, profiles and other instances where only men are represented.

Meanwhile, students at Cambridge University were asked why they need feminism, check out their answers here.

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