Linkage: Chocolate, typefaces and time travel

Publishing & Publicity

Want to sell more books? Research suggests infusing bookshops with the aroma of chocolate boosts sales. Perhaps this could be tried at book launches, too?

Fond of a European typeface, but unsure how to say it? Fortunately,  Ralf Herrmann has compiled a list of sound files with the correct European pronunciations. You’ll never sound silly when discussing Akzidenz Grotesk again.

Dundurn Press has acquired Thomas Allen and Son. Mark Medley interviews John Allen about the sale.

With so many authors opting to self-publish their books, where do agents fit in to this new publishing model?

Related to the Anakana Schofield article mentioned previously, there’s a Twitter account dedicated to snarky responses to job postings where the artists are expected to work for free, or for “exposure”: @forexposure_txt. Devastating.

Books & Writing

Liz Worth is rewriting Andy Warhol.

Open Culture has compiled a list of their 100 favourite sci-fi and fantasy stories written by women.

For all that, there seem to be few examples of women time travelling — especially in film.

Women’s influence in comics is growing among writers and artists, especially when you look beyond the superheroed worlds of the big two, Marvel and DC.

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