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VIDA‘s 2012 count is in. This is the third year they’ve published the number of reviews and reviewers, and they’ve posted a three year comparison. The numbers don’t look good.

Danielle Pafunda explains why the submission numbers don’t count, and Tin House and Granta explain how they run journals that aren’t sexist. “It’s not rocket science.”

The science fiction magazine Strange Horizons has also released their 2012 count, and it’s even worse.

CWILA’s 2012 count is currently under way. The results should be published in Junestay tuned!

Criticism & Reviews

The Totally Hip Book Review looks at “women’s fiction” in this vicious satire. I’m not sure whether these tears I’m crying are from laughter or despair.

Zoe Whittall’s poem “Unequal to Me” cleverly exposes gender bias in reviewing. Jon Paul Fiorentino adds his comments on sexism and silence.

Authors can be sensitive to negative reviews, especially from the general public. If GoodReads is your guilty (dis)pleasure, there’s now a Twitter account, @dontgoodsreads, to remind you to stay away, and let you know that you are loved.


Congratulations to Cassie Stocks, winner of the 2013 Leacock Medal. She is the 6th woman to have won the award in its sixty-six year history.


Deborah Copaken Kogan shares her experience with slut-shaming in a so-called post-feminist era.

On the comics side, it’s only taken 73 years for DC to hire a woman to draw Batman.

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