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Congratulations to the 2013 winners of the Atlantic Book Awards, including Lisa Harrington, winner of the Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature for Live to Tell; Susan Dodd, winner of the Atlantic Book Award for Scholarly Writing for The Ocean Ranger; Anne Marie Lane Jonah and Chantal Véchambre, winners of the Dartmouth Book Award for Non-fiction for French Taste in Atlantic Canada 1604-1758; Brenda Jones, winner of the Lillian Shepherd Award for Excellence in Illustration for I is for Island; and Joan Sullivan, winner of the Rogers Communications Award for Non-Fiction for In The Field.

Congratulations to Nina Bunjevac, winner of the The Spotlight Award for Heartless.

Congratulations to Lorna Crozier and Sarah Ellis, co-recipients of the 2013 BC Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence.

The Women’s Prize for Fiction (formerly the Orange Prize) now has a new sponsor: Baileys. Cheers.

Criticism & Reviews

Kerry Clare on passing judgementin blogging, book reviewing, and in life.

Alexandra Molotkow deems Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifestogreat literature.”

Books & Writing

Curious about what the editors at literary magazines want? Here’s a solid guide.

Tanis Rideout on writing and failure.

Want to know the real cost of self-publishing? It’s a lot more expensive than you might think.

Simon and Schuster are now able to publish Canadian books domestically.

Video games have writers too, and all too often they substitute misogynist tropes for in-depth character development. Fortunately, Feminist Frequency‘s Anita Sarkeesia is breaking down these tropes in a smart, well-researched and well-produced series of videos, Tropes versus Women in Video Games, funded by a recent Kickstarter campaign. The first two instalments, which focus on “Damsels in Distress” (click for Part I and Part II), were released in March and May. This is definitely a series to keep an eye on.

Interviews & Profiles

Unfortunately, when women are profiled there’s often a clear gender bias, such as in this Reuters piece on American astronaut Karen Nyberg. Jessica W Luther offers a thorough deconstruction, referencing other recent articles where women have received similar treatment. The Reuters piece was written by a woman, an edited by two women, and yet this still happened. It’s important to be aware of how women are framed in writing profiles.

The Great Canadian Writer’s Craft is a blog where high school students interview poets. Tons of great people have been interviewed, including Margaret Christakos, Dani Couture, Erín Moure, Sina Queyras, Angela Szczepaniak, and Natalie Zina Walschots, among others.

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