Linkage: Pitching, diversity, and poetry apps

Criticism & Reviews

Is literary criticism a dying art? Does it make sense to make that assertion in a review of a new collection of criticism?

Magazines & Journals

There’s a lot of advice floating about on how to pitch, but here’s the flip side, advice on what not to do.

Books & Writing

The Diverse CanLit Tumblr works to promote diversity in reading and writing Canadian literature. It’s got a great mix of reader-submitted questions, book recommendations and challenges.

Are you a poet? There are apps for that.

Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games’ latest, was deliberately written not to include playable female characters, disappointing fans yet again.

Where are the female superheroes? They exist in droves, but there seems to be a disconnect in writing and marketing them for the big screen.

Then again, there are those who hate “strong” female characters, or the idea that female characters still need to be defined and segregated in that way.


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