À quoi résiste-t-on quand on résiste au féminin?

Par Isabelle Boisclair Université de Sherbrooke Read Bronwyn Haslam’s English translation of this essay. « S’inscrire dans la marge jusqu’à ce que la marge occupe la moitié de la page » – M. Yaguello En 2004, je présentais les résultats d’une recherche sur … Continue reading

My Dream of The Traveller

By Joanne Arnott In 2008, PEN Canada created a tour, Words Without Borders, to reach beyond its usual geographies by partnering with a range of local literary organizations. The tour showcased a number of exiled writers living and working in … Continue reading

Love, Anonymous

How does a community—one that is dispersed across a country, one that comprises diverse people and experiences—come together to express solidarity? What do solidarity and support look like when the galvanizing issues are so deeply rooted in personal experience as … Continue reading

CWILA at the Gillers: A Report from Critic-in-Residence Shannon Webb-Campbell

By  Shannon Webb-Campbell When CBC radio host Stephanie Domet, an award-winning novelist and neighbor, put me on the VIP list for Between the Pages, an evening with the Scotiabank Giller Prize finalists on October 20 at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium … Continue reading

Reading the Evidence

By Kate Eichhorn Four years ago this September, my second collection of poetry, Fieldnotes, a forensic, was published. Like most collections of poetry, it was published by a small literary press in a modest print run of 500 copies. It … Continue reading

Want Healthy Communities in the Literary Arts? Focus on Mentorship.

By Erin Wunker I have found myself thinking about how, in the last few weeks, there have been more and more testimonies about abusive relationships between women and people – namely men – who have been in ostensible mentorship positions. … Continue reading

Some thoughts on reading “An Incomplete Manifesto for CWILA.”

By Erin Wunker Manifestos are often the avant-garde of a social, political, or artistic movement. Defined as a public explanation of past actions, and an announcement of the motives for forthcoming actions, manifestos intervene. In the sometimes-intersecting history of feminisms … Continue reading

An Incomplete Manifesto for Canadian Women In Literary Arts

By Shannon Webb-Campbell BECAUSE we count BECAUSE the “W” in CWILA is always a contested space BECAUSE women, transgender, two-spirited and racially diverse writers deserve to be taught in every classroom, university and workshop BECAUSE we won’t go down the … Continue reading

When Women Count

By Evelyne Ledoux-Beaugrand, translated by Bronwyn Haslam Lire l’essai originale française par Evelyne Ledoux-Beaugrand ici. fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely … Continue reading

Quand les femmes comptent

Par Evelyne Ledoux-Beaugrand Read Bronwyn Haslam’s english translation of this essay here. le roman est semblable à une toile d’araignée, attachée très légèrement peut-être, mais enfin attachée à la vie par ses quatre coins. Souvent les liens sont à peine … Continue reading