The Numbers

The CWILA Numbers 2012: An Introduction

By Gillian Jerome   “A big, empty, silent nothing sits at the centre of our literary discourse.” —novelist Madeleine Thien, “On Transparency”, National Post, March, 2013   In May 2013, author and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith presented a … Continue reading

2012 CWILA Numbers

The lists of submissions to the Governor General’s Literary Awards are extensive, but not fully comprehensive, lists of books published in a given year. They offer a pool of excellent books in multiple genres from which to consider our findings.  … Continue reading

Measuring Canadian Support on the “Literary Assembly Line”

By Laura Moss In an interview conducted for CWILA, Savanna Scott Leslie asked Mark Medley, the Books Editor at the National Post, to contextualize the fact that 70 per cent of the books reviewed in the Post’s Books Section were … Continue reading

The CWILA Numbers: An Introduction by Gillian Jerome

“What is commonly called literary history is actually a record of choices.” —Louise Berkinow, The World Split Open: Four Centuries of Women Poets in England and America 1552-1950 “In fact, I think that redefining literary criticism has nothing to do … Continue reading

2011 CWILA Numbers

CWILA Count Margin of Error Margin of error is the standard expression of the uncertainty associated with sample estimates from a population. In this case the population would refer to each publication’s tendency to review by gender over an infinite … Continue reading

Context for the CWILA Numbers by Lorri Neilsen Glenn

In the Sixties, women made bitter jokes about making coffee for the revolution, about cleaning the big tables we should have been speaking at. About needing men like fish need bicycles, as the Australian feminist Irina Dunn said. Close to … Continue reading