Editors on Reviewing: PRISM International

Circulation & Promotion Editor: Andrea Hoff

Poetry Editor: Zach Matteson

Pay: None

Approach to reviewing, as per Zach Matteson, Poetry Editor:

PRISM International publishes reviews from an editorial board of students in the MFA program in Creative Writing at UBC. Editorial board members have access to review copies sent to PRISM and can write reviews of other new work based on interest. Reviews are written on a volunteer basis and no payment is provided; reviews are published on PRISM’s website.

Having tracked submission distributions and gender demographics regarding those reviewed and the reviewers themselves over several installments, PRISM International has proven far ahead of the curve in representing female voices as well as those of other unrepresented gender identities, ethnicities, and sexualities. We continue to strive for diversity and inclusiveness, encouraging the often-untapped talent of a wide pool of readers and writers. Reviewers are encouraged to read outside of their comfort zones, and to read (and review) with passion.

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