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An Interview with Sue Sinclair, CWILA Critic-in-Residence

By Brecken Hancock When CWILA first launched, you mentioned (in an interview with Gillian Jerome) Nehamas’s proposal that beauty invites us into a relationship—and that, if there is judgment, it might offer a beginning rather than an end. In that … Continue reading

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A Philosophy of Criticism by Sue Sinclair

This statement is not intended to stand for all time, which is to say that in my year as CIR, I hope that my understanding of criticism and its role will continue to evolve. Nor is it intended to reflect … Continue reading

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CWILA Expands the Conversation on Our Critical Culture

On June 13, Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA) launched its official website with a mandate to create a discursive space to address the politics of representation, the critical reception of women’s writing  (including genderqueer writers, indigenous writers, and … Continue reading

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