What Are The Stories Behind the Data? The Count, Accountability and More Questions Than Answers

By Adèle Barclay Usually the end of the critic’s tenure corresponds with data from The Count. From 2011 to 2015, CWILA annually accumulated and analyzed data regarding the review of books in Canadian newspapers and magazines. The Count looks at … Continue reading

Committed to Doing Better

CWILA is a volunteer-run organization, with the mandate of tracking statistics on gender representation in reviewing, bringing relevant issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality into our national literary conversation, and creating a network supportive of the active careers of … Continue reading

Cautious Optimism and CanLit

by Fazeela Jiwa In mid-November 2017, a room full of word-nerds crammed into the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre to hold handmade, beautifully crafted chapbooks in our hands, among the other wares of the small presses that were invited to table at the … Continue reading

“Recipe for Disaster” by Cora Siré

Recipe For Disaster 1.  Pick a knife with a red handle. To avoid a massacre, I make sure the knife’s not too sharp. Also, not too blunt. Time can be lost with futile sawing and there’s the risk of repetitive … Continue reading

A Statement Against the Culture of Male Privilege and Abuse of Power in Canadian Creative Writing Programs

  Along with the Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs (CCWWP), CWILA recently consulted on this powerful statement against the culture of male privilege, which was spearheaded by Rob Budde, Phinder Dulai, and kevin mcpherson eckhoff. Continue reading to find … Continue reading

CWILA Announces Critic-in-Residence for 2017: Adèle Barclay

Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA) is thrilled to announce that Adèle Barclay will be our Critic-in-Residence (CiR) for 2017. Word from Adèle Barclay: “I’m honoured and elated to accept the position of CWILA’s critic in residence. I’m grateful … Continue reading

Call for Translators

Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA) is currently seeking volunteers to form a team of translators. Position overview: The CWILA translators would work collaboratively to translate written materials from English to French. This year, CWILA is including French language … Continue reading

2011 CWILA Numbers

CWILA Count Margin of Error Margin of error is the standard expression of the uncertainty associated with sample estimates from a population. In this case the population would refer to each publication’s tendency to review by gender over an infinite … Continue reading