Committed to Doing Better

CWILA is a volunteer-run organization, with the mandate of tracking statistics on gender representation in reviewing, bringing relevant issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality into our national literary conversation, and creating a network supportive of the active careers of … Continue reading

Canadian Women in the Literary Arts Announces the 2014 Critic-in-Residence, writer and critic Shannon Webb-Campbell

CWILA is thrilled to announce our second annual Critic-in-Residence, Shannon Webb-Campbell. Shannon is a Halifax-based writer and literary critic. For a more thorough introduction to Shannon read her correspondence with inaugural Critic in Residence Sue Sinclair. Welcome Shannon, and thank … Continue reading

Canadian Women In the Literary Arts Announces Inaugural Critic, Montreal poet Sue Sinclair

Montreal poet Sue Sinclair has been named the Canadian Women in the Literary Arts’ first Resident Critic, a post she will hold for the next year. The Critic-in-Residence, a paid position, has been created to address gender gaps in Canada’s … Continue reading

CWILA Expands the Conversation on Our Critical Culture

On June 13, Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA) launched its official website with a mandate to create a discursive space to address the politics of representation, the critical reception of women’s writing  (including genderqueer writers, indigenous writers, and … Continue reading