Committed to Doing Better

CWILA is a volunteer-run organization, with the mandate of tracking statistics on gender representation in reviewing, bringing relevant issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality into our national literary conversation, and creating a network supportive of the active careers of … Continue reading

Revue de presse FCAL – De l’invisibilité (bis)

La question a été lancée le mois dernier : mais où sont donc les femmes? Où sommes nous donc? Actrices, réalisatrices, autrices, journalistes, directrices, scientifiques, nous existons pourtant, il suffit, dans un premier temps, que notre travail, nos réalisations, nos … Continue reading

Revue de presse FCAL – Où sont les femmes?

Notre chronique mensuelle pourrait tout aussi prendre pour nom officiel “Où sont les femmes?” tant cette question revient de façon lancinante dans toutes les sphères de la société. Chaque fois, elle est un rappel douloureux que l’égalité est loin d’être … Continue reading

CWILA’s Critic-in-residence 2016 : Call For Applicants

The Residency CWILA supports a female/transgender/genderqueer writer (poet, novelist, storyteller, scholar) based in Canada as its resident critic for September 1st  2016 -April 30th 2017. The aim of the residency is to foster criticism that promotes public awareness of women’s literary … Continue reading

Reviewers on Reviewing

As part of our 2014 CWILA Count, we are featuring the voices of some of Canada’s most prolific and active reviewers. Our Count tells a story about Canada’s review culture and we want to honour and celebrate the work that reviewers do … Continue reading

CWILA Links: The Count, open letters, and shortlists!

It’s a huge week for CWILA! We’ve just released The Count. Check out the infographic, Erin Wunker’s introduction that explores the CWILA effect, and Judith Scholes’ explanation of the methods and results. Give it all a read and help spread the word. As for other literary links … Continue reading

CWILA Links: The Mainly White Room, What I Wanted To Wear & Drunk Confessions.

  Welcome to the latest edition of CWILA links, dear readers. It’s been a busy few weeks in North American literature. We have a lot to think about and many voices to listen to—so let’s plunge into it. In case … Continue reading


Welcome to the first instalment of CWILA Links! Every couple of weeks I’ll be recapping news, essays, interviews, and reviews concerned with writing, feminism, and social justice. This week I recommend reading a conversation between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roxane Gay, two incredibly important … Continue reading

Lucas Crawford and Shannon Webb-Campbell reading in Vancouver on May 22nd at 7pm

CWILA Presents: Lucas Crawford (Critic-in-Residence 2015) and Shannon Webb-Campbell (Critic-in-Residence 2014) Reading and in Conversation Join us on May 22nd at 7pm in Vancouver for a reading and conversation featuring our past and present Critics-in-Residence, Shannon Webb-Campbell and Lucas Crawford. … Continue reading